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Tool: Tips for Ensuring a Culturally Competent Collaboration

This resource presents a starting point for ensuring the cultural competence of your collaborative efforts.

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Tool: Tips for Healthy Collaborations

Successful collaboration requires careful maintenance and occasional compromise. This tool presents some tips for keeping your collaboration healthy over time.

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Tool: Tips for Successful Recruitment

This tool presents some tried-and-true tips from seasoned prevention practitioners on “getting to yes.”

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Story: Unique Public-Private Partnership Strengthens New Hampshire Prevention

A 10-year, $12 million philanthropic initiative from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation extends the prevention reach of New Hampshire’s Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services.

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Tool: Using Social Media to Facilitate Collaboration

This tool offers an introduction to the role that social media can play in building and growing public health collaborations.

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Story: Vermont Doctors and Pharmacists Partner to Address Opioid Misuse

For the Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition’s Rx Abuse Prevention (RAP) Team, the first step in reducing high rates of opioid misuse is building channels of communication and fostering a culture of collaboration between doctors and pharmacists.

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Tool: What Do We Mean by Resources?

Prevention practitioners often collaborate to maximize resources and/or fill resource gaps. This tool describes three types of prevention resources— fiscal, human, and organizational.

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Tool: Why Should We Collaborate?

Discover some of the important reasons why collaboration in substance abuse prevention is essential.

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Story: Wisconsin’s Dose of Reality Campaign Warns Residents about Rx Drug Misuse

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services teamed up with the Department of Justice and other state agency partners to design and deliver a statewide media campaign to prevent prescription drug misuse.

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Tool: Worksheet: Analyzing Existing Partnerships

Use this tool to better understand the skills and expertise that current partners bring to your prevention table.

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Tool: Worksheet: Are You Ready? Assessing Readiness to Collaborate

Use this checklist to find out if your prevention team or organization is ready to engage in collaboration.

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Tool: Worksheet: Assessing the Readiness of Potential Partners to Collaborate

Use this tool to prioritize potential partners, based on their readiness to work with you.

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Tool: Worksheet: Creating a Memorandum of Agreement

This worksheet offers a template for creating a simple memorandum of agreement.

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Tool: Worksheet: Determining Member Responsibilities

This worksheet can help you successfully match workgroup activities with member interests and skills.

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Tool: Worksheet: Developing a Recruitment Action Plan

This tool will help you map out and track who, when, and how to reach out to potential partners.

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Tool: Worksheet: Effective Social Media Planning

This worksheet presents important questions to consider prior to establishing a professional social media presence.

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Tool: Worksheet: Identifying New Partners

This tool can help you detect any gaps in your current prevention resources and identify potential partners to fill them.

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Tool: Worksheet: Revisiting Membership

This tool presents questions you can ask yourself or others on your team to facilitate a discussion about membership.

Small group of Wyoming PMO members meet around a table
Story: Wyoming PMO Integrates the Prevention of Substance Misuse and Suicide

Wyoming’s Prevention Management Organization represents a unique approach to addressing substance use and suicide prevention in an integrated way.

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Tool: You Gotta Hear This! Developing an Effective Elevator Pitch

Learn how to develop a compelling argument, or “elevator pitch,” for asking potential partners to collaborate.